HUEB excellently performed in the Competition
Date Time:2015-11-27 16:25:13

On the Nov. 12th ,the first “ Chinese Bridge - Sino-Africa Friendship Knowledge Competition ” final & award party ended in the Beijing Language and Culture University. The counselor of State Council,director general of HanBan of China and chief executive of Confucius Institute, Xu Lin awarded trophies and certificates for the winners. Charles,from Republic of the Congo ,2014 class student of School of International Education of our university and Huang Ju,2013 class student of School of Humanities,had excellent performance and obtained outstanding results and they got the second prize of group and the award of going to Africa for study tour respectively.

“Friendship of Sino-Africa·Dream of Youth”was the theme of the competition which included 4 sections that were internet preliminary,”cross-bridge” contest,semi-final and final.Chinese embassies in Africa and Confucius Institutes in Africa organized the preliminary of African countries together and recommended 33 contestants to go to China for the final. Domestic 30 universities such as Peking University actively organized the preliminary to select 20 African students in China and 50 Chinese students to participate in the final.Our university’s the International Exchange Center,School of humanities and School of Arts carefully organized and instructed the students for the competition. Finally 2 contestants stood out in the competition.

The “ Chinese Bridge - Sino-Africa Friendship Knowledge Competition ” was sponsored by the Secretariat of Chinese follow-up Committee of the China - Africa Cooperation Forum and Confucius Institute Headquarter /Hanban of China and China Public Diplomacy Association and Peking University assisted to hold it . The competition aimed to boost nongovernmental communication before the Sino-Africa Cooperation Forum Summit and improve the friendly exchange between African and Chinese youths to set platform of youth exchange for Sino-Africa friendship and development.